Don’t let UX be boring


How do you come up with the new concepts? There is a plenty of techniques like Mind Mapping, Brainstorming etc. but how do you evaluate your idea? The best way is to have a proper attitude towards the design. What can teach such an attitude?

Do something creative and share it

Yes, do something that doesn’t involve your work activity. Start making photographs and share, produce music and perform, train martial arts and take part in competitions. All of the initiatives mentioned require self-discipline, daily routine and a lot of training to be good at. But there is something different. Usually when I publish my work I ask myself a few questions:

  1. Is it good?
  2. Am I the only one who actually likes it?
  3. Is it entertaining?
  4. Am I repeating myself?

And the last question is crucial. When you work and you do projects for several different clients, there is a high risk that you find one solution which worked on one client and then you try to sell it to all of the rest. If it worked once, it might work for others. And sometimes it does. You get into the comfort zone. You know how the project will look like, what are the constraints, what are the future client’s questions and so on. The work gets boring and stops being challenging. You become frustrated feeling like working at a production line.

Think of them as one audience

What would happen if you met all of the guys you sold your vision in one room? It would be like publishing 10 songs on Sound Cloud which would vary only in tempo and some synths flavor. I bet you just wouldn’t do it, because it would deny you being an artist. The same applies here. Ask yourself: Is it really different or am I selling the same project all over again? The deadlines might be your enemy but it’s your career at stake. And I don’t mean compromising your reputation. One day you will wake up, open your eyes and say: “I exactly know what I will be doing in the upcoming few weeks and it’s boring, UX is boring, I need to find something else”. Don’t let it be boring. It’s all up to you how it goes.

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