Share the knowledge and the hell will break loose



Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a presentation about sharing the knowledge in the context of Social Media at a fantastic event from a series called Thursdays with Social Media happening all over Poland including my hometown, Lodz. Both the audience and the atmosphere were fantastic. Below I present the slides I used for my presentation. Hope you enjoy them.


A few tips on designing a product page


TwitterFacebook The first thing to realize is that a product page is a step in an acquisition or a content discovery process. So the context of customer journey is crucial. But today let’s talk about the page segments and approach towards site structure and communications implied by the CJs. Where do you come from? So the user is arriving at our product page. But what is the origin of that...

Don’t let UX be boring


TwitterFacebook How do you come up with the new concepts? There is a plenty of techniques like Mind Mapping, Brainstorming etc. but how do you evaluate your idea? The best way is to have a proper attitude towards the design. What can teach such an attitude? Do something creative and share it Yes, do something that doesn’t involve your work activity. Start making photographs and share...

Lost in translation


TwitterFacebook It is a common practice that the design process consumes plenty of time before product go-live. There are some methodologies that try to solve this issue like Lean UX, Agile UX or a mixture of both. Why do I mention this? Because the more time you spend on the project the more you become focused on details forgetting about a big picture. It is natural. Every designer wants their...

I want a hippo in the room


TwitterFacebook That is what I heard from a very nice and smart guy Ryan. You might think of an idiom with elephant in the room but this is quite different. How many times you had that feeling in your guts that your idea is spread around wrongly. Why did it happened? Because you presented it only to the middle man. Who is a hippo? If you want to put your vision into product you should reach the...

How do you like your Customer Journey Maps?


TwitterFacebook Firstly, what is a Customer Journey Map (CJM)? Simply speaking (if it is possible in this case) it is an example of a customer behavior using your system. How CJM is structured? To be honest, I couldn’t find any standardized approach to the topic. The common practice is to deconstruct the whole journey into steps and firstly concentrate on a user motivation to perform a...

So you call yourself a designer


TwitterFacebook The recent events gave some thoughts to digest. For example, who is a designer, actually? Some of the UX people tend to call themselves (including me) UX Consultants, UX architects or UX managers. It happened in the end that we all do similar tasks, struggle similar battles and face similar challenges. If you are not sure if you should call yourself a designer, ask yourself the...

How to be better on stage?


TwitterFacebook So you are about to prepare a presentation and give a speech to quite a big audience. What do you do? You draft the topic, the agenda, probably divide  the whole speech into parts and finally put a lot of diagrams and bullet points. Please, stawp!!! :o Please, don’t be boring The boring presentations come with various forms. They can kill the audience with the ultra...

5 UX lessons from Katie Melua


TwitterFacebook Yesterday on my way home from Oxford I came across Katie Melua on the plane. I had a little chat with her and got back to my chair. Then I started to remember my favorite songs and lyrics of her which brought me to include this fantastic singer to our UX world. Let’s see what she has to say on the design. Song#1: Spider’s web The piano keys are black and white but they...

Why every UX Designer should try some teaching?


TwitterFacebook I am giving classes on UX Design to the University of Lodz students for the second time now. I am quite lucky that UX is dynamically evolving so I don’t have to repeat myself during lectures. I was a little stressed before I took up this activity. My concerns revolved mainly around such fears as:  What if I don’t know all the answers to the questions? What if I say...