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KDB.Market – A Place for Caring and Loving Parents – MarketPlace Case Study

Kidibee - cover

TwitterFacebook Together with my co-founder, we finalized the transaction of selling our start-up to another entity. It’s not a classical exit and we can’t spend the rest of our lives sipping Pina Coladas in the Bahamas, unfortunately. There was a lot on our plates so we decided to sell (Kidibee). I can speak for myself, there are family, regular job, FixMix, and

FixMix 3.0 – Go Live


TwitterFacebook I’m proud to announce to the world that together with Tessa McIver we launched the new FixMix website today. What is FixMix? FixMix is a digitally driven remote solution for repairing broken personal items (such as shoes, watches and leather goods) – it empowers people to live more sustainably, by repairing rather than replacing these items. Our solution is offered in...

Digital Assistants: conversation experience and the implications for business


TwitterFacebook I would like to share with you the work we delivered together with a wonderful team of fellow E-MBA students: Tessa Sujka-McIver, Katarzyna Kahl and Janusz Jóźwik. One of the challenges we undertook during the E-MBA course at Warsaw University of Technology Business School was to create a Research Paper on the selected subject. We believe we have chosen one of the most interesting...

Story mapping for mobile payments


TwitterFacebook Last weekend I had a great pleasure to participate as a speaker at UX Conference in Warsaw. I met great people there, got tons of fantastic but challenging questions. Thank you guys! I would also thank Isolution for hosting such an amazing event. Some of the participants asked me to share the contents of my presentation. So here it is, a brief summary on what I was talking about...

What do you fight for in mobile payments?


TwitterFacebook FinTech is very competitive and dynamic environment. Developing a mobile payment application  is like a never ending fight. A picture that pops to my mind at the beginning is two guys punching each other but to be honest, there are more opponents here and you don’t know where the hit comes from. So the question arises how can you ensure that your product gets the best User...

User Experience is a dialogue


TwitterFacebook Source: Flickr What is UX all about? According to Nielsen Norman Group you can define it as follows: “User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. So it is a dialogue. And what makes a good conversationalist? First of all it’s being a good listener. A...

On-boarding – a quick guide to mobile apps


TwitterFacebook How do you design an app? Paraphrasing Samuel Hulick from it is common to think of an app in its running state populated with the meaningful set of data. Usually users don’t get that experience when they start. You’re lucky if you can pre-populate the main screen with a fancy feeds coming from various sources like Instagram or Pinterest but most of us...

So here we are


TwitterFacebook So here we are. I was thinking about starting my own blog for hundreds of times but it always seemed that it’s not going to be awesome, so I instantly dropped the idea every time, but now it will be different. Firstly, thanks for the inspiration @fehler. I was attending his workshops on Ideation at the Smashing Conference in Oxford (which were great by the way) and he inspired me...