Let me kindly invite you to the events where I will take part as a speaker or a workshop facilitator. I am always happy to exchange knowledge and opinions during talks and workshops. If you want me to take part in your event don’t hesitate to contact me.

Upcoming events

2016-05-14: UX Conference

Warsaw, Poland

A talk: Story mapping in mobile apps.

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2016-04-14: Jungle Web

Łódź, Poland

A talk: UX is is an extreme sport. We measure the little things.

 Past events

2016-03-14: Smashing Conference – Jam Session

St Aldates Tavern, Oxford, UK

A talk:  Learning from the nightmares

2015-10-17: Mobilization

EXPO, Łódź, Poland

A talk:  MobDev business needs and technical issues in SEQR

2015-05-06: UX Faktoria

6 dzielnica, Łódź, Poland

A talk: From illogical connections to business vision

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2015-04-23: Jungle Web

Łódź, Poland

A talk: Learn UX by teaching

2015-04-20: 4Developers

Warsaw, Poland

Workshops: Customer Journey Based UX Design

2015-04-18: ALEJE.IT

Częstochowa, Poland

Workshops: UX is FUN – A Journey into Customer World

2015-04-16: Thursday with Social Media

Łódź, Poland

A talk: Students from hell
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2014-04-25: Jungle Web

Łódź, Poland

A talk: User Experience vs Design